Wednesday, 29 April 2015

How do you get past tantrums?

TJ has recently been going over and beyond
with his tempers and for him to have gone into my room opened my laptop and pulled off my keys after being told 'NO' for having dessert after supper.

How would you react to seeing this?
My poor laptop!
I was fuming.
Yes I know it's only a laptop but it's the only thing that he is not allowed to touch or use, nor even been allowed to use ever.
My Toshiba satellite is my most prized possession and after having it for 5 years its still in almost new condition.... WAS until he pulled of my keys.

Que the tears and very angry raised voice (from me).

I know the keys can be replaced but the lack of respect he has for anything is beyond me.

I've been told that a children of 7 don't know what they are doing when they destroy things, but I don't believe those people that say that.
This was a well calculated move on his behalf to see how far he could push me.
Well for this little move. He has had privileges for the next 3 weeks taken away. Including no electronic use, dessert or sweets.
Have I gone a little too far I think not. Perhaps he'll learn not to do something like this again. Perhaps not. But till then I'm trying my hardest to type with missing keys.

I've always tried to raise TJ to have respect for other peoples property but over the past several months I've noticed the lack of it.

I've even spoken to his headmaster and asked him to speak to TJ as well.
Being a mom and trying to discipline such a strong willed son is hard when I have no male influence around. So the next best thing for authority is his head master.

So I will see what happens and see if TJ has an apology for me when he finishes school, whether he says sorry or not, it wont make any difference on his punishment. For once I will be going the whole way through this one ensuring he learns a lesson.

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