Sunday, 21 June 2015

Is this really my life....: Canoeing down Wareham river

Is this really my life....: Canoeing down Wareham river: Tranquility at its best. I don't often take TJ Near the sea. It's only 5 minutes down the road, lately I never seem to have tim...

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Chessington - not what I expected

Last weekend I took Tj to the chessington ' s world of adventure.
Honestly it was dreadful. Maybe it's because I compare any theme park to disney ( #1 fan) or maybe my standards are higher then other peoples I'm not entirely sure.
The best part about the day was the cheesy dibbles show. It starred the Madagascar penguins.
The crowd entertainers were fantastic and kept the kids entertained before the show really did their jobs.
Whilst looking around the animal enclosure they had the cutest little baby monkeys.
The bad side was that the park was infested with rodents. Especially around the animal pens.
The amount of litter around the park was ridiculous so I'm not surprised that I saw so many.
When riding the monorail every rider has a birds eye view of the park. Which on rooftops shows every piece of litter, every untidy rooftop and every animal pen on the route as it takes you around the park.
When looking around the sealife part of the park there was a small meet and greet with cleaner shrimp, where you can put your fingers in the tank and the little fellas will attempt to clean you. BE WARNED THEY TICKLE!
The next part we went through was the penguins enclosure which has recently been updated so that the penguins can intermingle with humans. 

Although it is mating season atm so not a lot of penguins are wanting to join the humans in the human enclosure.

Canoeing down Wareham river

Tranquility at its best.
I don't often take TJ Near the sea. It's only 5 minutes down the road, lately I never seem to have time to do anything. My days are filled with silly tasks that take up so much time.
Today I just took the time with Tj and went canoeing although the tide was out when we arrived, we popped into the Saturday market and brought a net and bucket to fish with while the tide was low and waiting till it came in.
We payed for an hour to canoe up and down the river. I was so proud of Tj getting the hang of paddling together as a team.
The Wareham canoeing hut on the Quay provides life jackets for everyone of all shapes and sizes.
There are many types of boats available with engines and others without. 
I would recommend if you haven't already rented a boat to do so.
It was so tranquil and such beautiful scenery up and down the river. I for one was so glad I took the time to go today.

Friday, 12 June 2015

For the love of colors

I've been so busy lately that I forgot to take a minute a breathe in all the glorious colors of my garden. Well of anywhere if I'm honest.

From green grass to yellow lupin bushes. White cherry tree blossom and pink sweet smelling roses. How could I forget to take a moment and enjoy the spring?

Have you spent anytime outside?
If you haven't then stop and just relax. Go to the beach or gardens, maybe even the local tea rooms with a garden.
Whatever you do outside savour it.

Sunday, 7 June 2015


After almost 10 years I decided it was time I got myself a bike, luckily my dad's ones collecting dust in the shed so I've burrowed his for now.
I went to halfords to get a bike rack for my car and arrived home and tried to fit said rack.
It was then that the problems started....

1. The settings were correct as per instructions given from manufacturer.
2. Was not happy as it Was obviously not gonna fit and left scratch marks in my car ( rather big ones!)

Took the rack back to get a refund. A little annoyed I spoke to a guy called jake about what it had done to my car.
I received a full refund and the customer service went way beyond my expectations.

Jake then proceeded to have a look at my car got some t-cut and tried to polish it out, when that didn't work he went to the paint machine to try and make me a top up pen. The machine couldn't do it due to a color not being available any more, so a lady who's name I didn't see stepped in. The lady and I were talking for a short while when she told me to take my car to abacus in Poole. If I got them to make a touch up pen for my car then they'd reimburse me for the pen.
By this time I was blown away with the customer service.
Then lady then offered me a free bike rack and Jake offered to fit it for me to ensure that it was set up correctly.
For this all these reason I am grateful for the customer service at halfords. The staff couldn't of been more friendly and helpful. Which is the way every store should be.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Sprinkles Bournemouth

I've heard so many good things about Sprinkles, unfortunately this will be my first and more than likely last visit to the Sprinkles Gelato chain.

From the moment we walked in the door the staff were miserable, there was no good afternoons, no smiles, no can I help you. Nothing! We stood at the till for a few minutes before being asked if they could help. I did think that this was perhaps that it may have been because they'd had a busy day, but looking around there was only a maximum of 20 people, all of which were sat and eating their ice creams. 
TJ and his honeycomb ice cream

When being served the lady that served my mom was playing with her hair and her large loopy earrings, whilst smacking her mouth with gum in and serving! she was wearing the blue gloves. Then proceeded to touch the cash register and ice cream and chocolate etc with the same gloves on.
The server that served me again wore gloves whilst handling cash then proceeded to making my son's ice cream which the majority was melted. I did not see the lady that dealt with my ice cream.
When my moms ice cream came there was 2 scoops of ice cream and the rest was whipped cream. After reading the description for the ferrero rochea ice cream. There was one type of sauce applied with hardly any on. One ferrero rochea, one wafer and not even a teaspoon of nuts sprinkled on top. For almost £6 this to us was NOT acceptable even less so when the ice cream was melted !! 
The cheesecake and ice cream I had served to me was melted. There were strawberries on the side of the plate were looking very much past its sell by date and the banana's on the plate were going off also. 

Banana's starting to turn

The cheesecake was served from the counter and was not chilled it was served at room temperature.
In my opinion as you can see our first visit to sprinkles was no where near what I expected it to be like and all the hype from my friends that have visited I expected a lot more from Sprinkles.

Vikal - I was chosen!

I had a parcel delivered to my door a few weeks ago. A massive surprise for me as I'd not heard anything back from Savvy circle about my application for Vikal.


Following the instructions I Checked to see what our water was - no surprise really for our area. As we live in a hard water area.

Hard water 
 I started looking around the taps in the kitchen and never realised how bad the limescale deposit was around the taps.  I normally use bleach when cleaning the sink Obviously this has not been the best of choices.
Before spraying 
 Reading and following the instructions I cleared the area and left for 5 minutes for chemicals to activate.
After 5 minutes I rinsed well and wiped with a cloth. The end result was awesome. My taps are now after one use shiny and a lot less limescale on them. 

Results after one try 
After my second try the results were even better. Instead of using bleach from now on I will be using vikal on my taps.
I am impressed with the chemicals and how they bubbled when working although I have since been warned by another person that leaving it on the taps for to long could cause corrosion, so beware and rinse well if you use Vikal or any other chemical based products and always read the instructions.