Monday, 31 August 2015

Lush, the confession!

Omg I'm in love with Lush's product called 'FUN' .

It comes in various colors and scents Orange, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow and I recently found out they do a Gold bar.
The product has a 4 in 1 usage. It can be used as play dough, shampoo, bubbles and a soap. 
I have found the Pink smells of vanilla with a slight scent of caramel.
  • Yellow smells like play dough.
  • Blue smells of lavender.
  • Green smells of lemon and lime.
  • Orange smells well of oranges.

Tj's favourite is the Green each bath time he covers himself in Green 'fun' from head to toe and acts like an alien.
Myself I prefer the Yellow 'fun' before my bath I break a small bit off and make a small ball and place triangles around so it looks like the sun. before crumbling it up under the tap to give myself lots of bubbles.
Using the product to wash with leaves skin feeling soft and smelling fresh.
I have yet to wash my hair with it as my hair tends to not like anything except Aussie shampoos and conditioners. Tj on the other hand has had his washed and it leaves his hair all fluffy and smelling again fantastic,

I give this product 4 out of 5 a product that I will keep on buying for a long time from now.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The famous Poole Quay bike night

Every week during the summer bike night is held on the Quay. There are has been in the past over 800 bikes on the Quay. Although I cannot ride a motor bike I love to look at them. I find the shapes and sounds amazing. 

I liked this one just for the shape and color and although hearing the engine roar I can understand why its owner wasnt far away. I wouldnt want to leave mine for long if I had something like it either.

When we arrived it was just gone 530pm. The photos were taken just after 9pm and as you can see by the amount of people the bike night is very popular.

View of small part of the harbour 

I love bumble bees !

In our garden we have 8 rather large lavender bushes, that play a role in keeping the bumbles that I love so busy. I know I've posted pictures of them before so dont judge its just for a dying breed that is so necessary in our day and age ( if you don't know what they do then look it up).
The happy little buzzing that I hear all day from the garden and the zipping little bodies in a rush to get somewhere and yet nowhere.

After what seemed to be forever of me trying to convince TJ that the bees will not hurt us we ended up saving one from drowning in the paddling pool.

I asked him to hold it on the peg not just for pictures but to build his confidence up and help him to understand that bees are not built to hurt us,that they are just busy working their butts off to make their Queen bee happy.

Half drowned blonde bumble bee

Honey bee

It's been a while .... I'm sorry!

Over the past few months I've been stuck in a rut. Missing certain elements from my past and that's all it is memories playing in the back of my mind constantly.
I am truly grateful for these memories as without them I would not be the person I am today.
Who better to bring me out of this rut but one of my oldest and dearest friends. Distance is now an issue as she lives 5 hours away with her husband and 2 absolutely fantastic little girls.
Today we met up for the first time in about a year took Tj and the girls to the local park. We talked the kids ran around playing and the dog well, she ended up in the algae filled lake :/ .
Whilst the kids fed the ducks and met a puppy labrador in training to be a guide dog, my friend and I slowly wandered behind chatting about the kids and how much things have changed since she was here almost 10 years ago.
Between running around waving at the passengers in the park train a strange thought suddenly came to me, Tj is no longer a child but a young man.
I was so glad to see my friend after so long and I wish it could be more often.
I had an amazing time and such a good catch up.
Tj and her eldest J. Are so cute together holding hands and walking the dog. They both looked beyond a doubt like a couple on a date.