Monday, 25 April 2016

Bumble Bees at work my little visitor

Whilst at work I had myself a little visitor or should I say two!
These little fellows were helping me weigh up some seed. It was so nice seeing these majestic creatures flying around me and then landing on my seed.
I believe this species is Psithyrus Vestalis otherwise known as the Cuckoo bumblebee.

I had this little guy land on the sleeve of my jumper where he must have sat relaxing for almost an hour where he landed.

I read somewhere that these little fella's can be quite a nasty little thing to other bee species and will work their magic at wiping out other queen bees.
There are only 6 cuckoo bumblebee species in the UK. The 2 main features that these bees have that set them apart from other bumblebees include: Back legs that are covered in hair, with no pollen baskets – you will never see a cuckoo bumblebee with pollen lumps on its legs. The wings that appear dusky or dark.

Friday, 22 April 2016

April's Loot crate

Aprils Loot crate came through the post today, the box was a little smaller then previous boxes that I've received.
 When I opened the box as always it was stuffed to the brim with items. This month I hadn't looked up anything to do with the crate as I thought I'd have a surprise.

I unpacked the box to find 6 various movie/TV series related items inside.

  • T-shirt - Labyrinth
  • Socks - Harry Potter  
  • A poster - unchartered 4 
  • An ice dice
  • A drinks holder that is shaped like a tusk - Vikings

The blue ice cube maker is fairly large and fits comfortably in the hand. The instructions are on the box and I cannot wait to test it for a party of some sort may just have to use it as an excuse to throw one.
The socks unfortunately did not fit my 8 year old son properly due to him only being a size 1, the socks are for size 6 - 12's so I've managed to nab them back.
The horn has a cross body holder so the horn falls across the side. There is plenty of room on for it to be crossing over the body. and it holds the horn up right with liquid in it. 

The t-shirt material is soft with a Labyrinth print ironed on. The sizing is very generous which is fantastic as I'm larger on my top half. The top also washes and dries well in the dryer.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Geek box ..... My thoughts weren't the best

The morning of the Geek box's arrival I was impressed that I 'd heard from the postage company (in this case royal mail) and had a tracker to track my item. Although at the time I was baffled as to why I was getting an email from ' The Hut ' as I couldn't remember buying anything from them.  

When I opened up the box the first thing I noticed was how badly the box was packed. ( the photo above I had to re fold the t-shirt as it covered everything)

 The first thing out of the box was the Captain America T-shirt. Which the sizing was very generous.

The second and third thing out the box was a slimer cuddly toy and a little figure.
I received Groot in mine.

An Issue one Empress graphic novel - personally I've not heard of Empress, so this did not impress me much.
A Doctor Who pen, where you can write on a piece of paper with invisible pen and then change it to the blue light which hid the writing unless it had the blue/UV light shining on it.

The last thing I received in the box was an 18 Horror DVD.
This did not go down well with me as I couldn't understand what this had to do with with anything else in the box. I found this to be a little offensive to as I do not like horror stories or movies.

Overall I didn't like this box due to nothing tying in together. To me it felt like they had gone around the shelves of the storage warehouse and just dumped 6 items that were left over in the box.
Nothing made sense or linked together in any way.
I'm afraid to say in this case this will be the first and last box that I purchase from Geek Box.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

March's Loot crate

I recieved my loot crate box and loved the box design this month.

When opening the box as usual it was full with goodies on the verses theme this month. 
Inside it included a t-shirt and a hat along with a few other things.

First off I'd like to say I love the reversible hat. I'm not sure which side I prefer Daredevil or Punisher? 

The monthly subscription magazine I could not put it down, loved reading it. 
I was not brave enough to open the Harley Quinn magazine so that is still tucked up in the wrapper.

The wallet that is in the packet is one of the recycled indestructible ones with Batman vs Superman again its such a hard choice to choose from.

The last surprise in the box was the t-shirt. this one is for the star trek fans, it obviously means something to you if you are but for myself I don't understand it.
The t-shirt sizing this month is coming up a little small compared to last month although the top does stretch and is still very comfortable and light.

Little Passports - Japan

This month TJ received a letter from Japan with his Little Passports subscription. 

This month the parcel included:

A letter 
Sushi eraser 
Origami paper and instruction
Activities booklet 
Japan sticker for the passport
 Luggage tag 

Once opened TJ was raring to stick his stickers on his suitcase, filling in the activities sheet and practicing his origami skills.
Whilst TJ read the letter and postcard out loud I tried to make something with the origami, lets just say I made a massive mess with the paper and ended up making a small ball similar to the size of a ping pong ball.