Sunday, 28 February 2016

TJ received his Little passports letter.

This morning TJ received his second little passports letter through the post, the only other time I've seen him so excited to see post come through was when he was getting ready to open a Disney parcel. I love seeing this look of excitement in his eyes.

          Inside today's parcel came from Brazil 
  • a letter
  •  a couple of stickers
  •  an amethyst stone
  •  a post card
  • quiz pages ( for use with the map)

After inspecting each piece and reading through the letter twice TJ cracked on with the questions.
bringing the map down off the wall and placing it on the table. The first thing TJ asks is how do you unscramble letters.

Taking his time to work out the puzzles he soon finished, and worked out where our little friends were going next to eat.

 Each month is a new country and we love to research a little bit more then what we receive in the little passports package.

Next month is Japan.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

I finally got my first Loot crate!

Ok so I may have got just a little over excited when I found out my little black box had been delivered this morning.

Looking at the solid black box it felt quite heavy, when looking at the sending instructions I realised it had been sent from the U.S. The postage costs $19.95 as indicated on the box.
I decided to pay for the 3 months subscription with a 10 % off code that I was given. So the cost per box worked out as $28 each month delivered to the UK.

When I opened the box the theme was Dead. With bright red and purple zombies printed on the inside of the box. I was quite pleased about this theme as I love the tv series Izombie, so I was secretly hoping that there would be something to do with the series hidden in the box.

The first thing I saw was a Deadpool Q fig - this item is a loot crate exclusive so currently not found anywhere else.

The next thing I found was a t- shirt again Deadpool themed. The top is marvel branded, soft to touch with a large print across the chest.

The third item I found was my loot crate pin specially made for each moths box.

I then came across a string of ears...... I suddenly had a flashback of Universal Soldier starring Dolph Lundgren. The ears in this case are linked to the walking dead. These soap on a rope ears are rather scary have no fragrance but look great hanging of the rope they are provided with.

Last but so not least as I've been looking forward to this. I get to look in my booklet that was in the bottom of the box and yay! I'm so happy there's a publishing from one of the cast Izombie. I love Rahul Kohli's character in Izombie Ravi is probably my favourite character. Sharp witted liners all the way through the program.

I wrote this write up so you could see for yourself whether the loot crate is worth spending your money on. Although you definitely get more than your monies worth of products. In my opinion the

loot crate has a cracking value.
As long as you know each month what the theme is (which you can check online and if you don't like that one you can skip a month and get the next one delivered instead) .

Saturday, 20 February 2016

New dog identification tag ♡♡

My labrador has been needing a new id tag for months so I finally took the step and looked on ebay.
I finally came across one that matched her new collar perfectly.  
The price was a bargain too at £3.49 including postage and engraving on both sides of the tag. 
When you pay for the item you choose what you'd like printed it - remembering the more you have printed on it the smaller the writing.
Myself I choose to have four lines printed. Her name, two telephone numbers and scan me as by law all dogs have to be microchipped now. 

I ordered it from eBay and it arrived back in two days.  
Honestly I couldn't be happier with my choice of product. It's strong, durable, and exactly as it's described in the seller's page.

I've added the link below so you can look at the designs yourself as the seller has lots. 

My picture doesn't do it justice but as it has personal information it had to be a little out of focus ... sorry !

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Tigerprints T's

Two days ago I received a parcel through the post from
Before this week I'd never heard of the lady Mary who runs this business let alone seen any of her products. I'm glad I have now.
Mary runs a t-shirt printing company called tigerprints. No it's not your average t-shirt printing as Mary believes that children and adults alike should be able to be an individual starting from their choice of tops to wear. 
The family runs business which originates from Bedfordshire takes everyday and makes it fun with their range of personalised t-shirts.
With designs ranging from dinosaurs to zebra or names to quotes printed on these very special tops very top ordered can be personalised to the high quality  you'd expect from a small business.
I ordered two different tops at the beginning of week.
One organic top in green (a little bit more expensive) and an ordinary red tshirt.

  I love the fact that both tops are very bright, after two washes kept its color with no color running. 
The organic green top with its giraffe print is noticeably softer to touch I've had a hard time getting Tj to take it off ( he has a thing about soft clothes). It's definitely worth the extra few pennies. 
The size I ordered was 9 - 10, the top has plenty of growing room for Tj he's not the slimmest of children due to his rugby playing frame. 
I choose to have a giraffe printed on the front which is central to the top with the head ending just below the neck line. 

The red top is long sleeved good quality cotton. The sleeves are cuffed which helps prevent them from riding up. The ribs on the cuff are loose, so there is room to move around, plenty of room to hold tissues. 
The size I ordered was 9 -11 years. This top is big enough to last a few years and a few growth spurts.

I look forward to buying a few more tops in the future. It's never to early to buy Christmas presents for friends and family these are definitely being added to my Christmas budget this year.