Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Another proud mommy moment ....

Well Master. T has impressed me again :) this time he got his beavers badges for various tasks.
1. Canoeing
2. Flights
3. Adventure
4. Attending camp
5. Orienteering (I think)

He was so proud of himself for getting the badges, which he's been working towards for at least 2 months.

He also attended the remembrance Sunday parade which he did very well in, shadowing the marines in front of him step by step even saluting when they did!

The future.... is it bright?

Over the last few weeks I've been out shopping to get presents for my little boy , who's growing up so fast it's strange!

After he got diagnosed with attachment disorder I've found it hard to accept that this could be the result of his behaviour at times. So looked up online how I can help him, help me.
Some of the stories online of what children as young as Ty have done to their parents, siblings and even other peoples property just shocked me!
Why are these poor families still struggling to get help for their children and why is it local authorities do not listen when they are told things. Surely we know our children better then a stranger ??

Ty is smart , sometimes too smart for his own good but nether the less is ridiculously clever, funny and is absolutely gonna be a lady magnet when he's older.

I'm proud to call him MY son no matter how he turns out he is mine and mine alone.

Being a full time mom and working as well it makes me appreciate him more and miss his hugs when I'm not there to tuck him in at night.
I work hard so he has the life that I had at his age and what I wish for him to have throughout his life.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Boyfriends ....

So I started dating this amazing guy. Who  I am totally in love with.
Problem being he doesn't feel the same way about me. :( so we ended it.
I miss him like mad and would text him on a daily basis just to see how he is.
Over a month later my feelings for him haven't changed. I'm still madly in love with him but now, I find myself getting angry. It takes him days to reply to a message. So for now I have deleted his number from my phone. The only way I can get hold of him is via Facebook which we are not friends or if he texts me first.
No matter how much I try ever since knowing him I've instantly felt comfortable with him and always wanting hugs from him or I've craved his touch even just holding his hand. I've never been like that with anyone I've dated ever!
I'm always to afraid of being rejected by someone.
I guess the saying you'll see how much someone misses you when you stop bothering with them comes to mind. Honestly I don't think he misses me at all. So I'm not getting my hopes up or anything.
Moving on with my life tomorrow is a brand new day!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

24 hours at Walt Disney World ... Can we make it?

Getting to Disney is always the best part of the day! Do we take the monorail or the boat ?
This time we took the boat and slowly chugged our way across the lagoon. working our way through the crowd to the bag check and into the gates, we received our free Malificent Buttons! Fantastic to add to the memories of the day.
Next on the list was the old firehouse to get our games cards for the windows whilst waiting for the parades.

Off to the rides we went, first up space mountain, wasn't sure if Tyler would go on it ... But he did!! Was so proud of him.

Next was the Dwarfs mine train the waiting time for it was 60 minutes, which increased to 180 minutes throughout the day. 
Tyler had a minor blip when it came to getting on the ride but after he came back he was straight on it! laughing all the way round.

Splash mountain now this ride was slightly trickier. Kinda had to fib and say we were missing the big drop.
Then when he'd been on the ride and I told him the truth he didn't think that he'd been on the big drop and wanted another go.
I remember the first time we had to ''fib'' about missing the drop was with my nephew Joshua. 
He hated the ride with vengeance came off crying his little eyes out. 

After this ride Tyler was on every ride he was tall enough for.

24 hours at WDW we lasted 14 hours.