Sunday, 3 May 2015

Slava's Snowshow

When watching shows I sit there in amazement but this time my mouth was wide open.

When the show started with just a single clown in a yellow outfit I was ready to fall asleep. How mistaken was I ! 
Within minutes i was on the edge of my seat captivated by the music and that character on the stage walking across with a rope, the music adding to the growing atmosphere.
Men in bright yellow suits and long green coats with peculiar hats enticing you into their strange world.
Until you watch the show your imagination wont do you justice. 
The strange dream like thoughts played by the characters in an world of what can best be described as a small childs thoughts where anything can happen.
From clowns on beds chasing something in the unknown with a broomstick to seeing snow shooting across the stage and fog filling the floor to several green clowns dancing, where a gigantic web covers the audience. 
The interaction of the show is amazing!
From the moment the music started this captivating show had myself and my son on the edge of our seats in awe for the duration. 

The worst part is it was the last show ever.
If it ever gets released at the theatre again I would recommend to everyone to go see the show.  It is a definite must see.

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