Tuesday, 28 April 2015


What is your idea of paradise?
Mine is this place.
For those who don't know this place its Typhoon Lagoon. In Orlando Florida.
I find myself when I get stressed or upset thinking what it would be like being there right now.
Sun shining gentle breeze, the whooshing of the wave machine and the screams of enjoyment as the wave hurtles towards the people in the water.

The thoughts Of Orlando and of Disney always seem to make my days so much better.
Thinking of the boat ride or monorail across the lake. The breeze in the air and the excitement in the air.
Disney Boat View

The Grand Floridian 

The thoughts of the wedding chapel one the seven seas lagoon where one day I might be able to visit one day (will more then likely never happen) when looking for a place to get married. Juts out on the lake with its fantastic windows and the carpet down the isle that reads 'and they lived happily ever after '.
I love a Disney Fairy Tale and if it includes me then I love it even more one day i'll find my prince and be the star of my own life.

Disney's Wedding Pavillion

Once inside the Park a walk down main street to the castle again just listening to the bustle of the visitors inside the Disney makes my day.
Seeing kids wearing Disney Princess costumes.
Seeing TJ excited and dragging me towards a Character and waiting in the que to get a photo and signature on his book.
Imagining this on a weekly basis makes the countdown to my next holiday there just a little easier to pass the days by.

Walt Disney World, Florida

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