Thursday, 17 December 2015

Stewarts garden centre - Wimborne

Going to Stewarts Garden centre is soon becoming a holiday favourite trip for an hour or two in the last few weeks running up to Christmas. 
With festive decorations around the shop, two live reindeer and a Santa's grotto. It's very popular with children and adults to visit.
 TJ unfortunately this year has decided he doesn't want his picture taken with a santa look a like and is waiting to catch the real santa Christmas eve.  

On display is this fantastic restored vw camper with elves and santa dotted around inside and out. An electric Thomas the tank engine which children or adults alike can push a button to make it go around the vw camper on its track.

Christmas decorations are throughout the shop and although slightly higher priced then some shops it's peaceful and relaxed atmosphere create a lovely shopping experience.

When visiting the tea shop, a pot of tea for two was plenty - we managed six cups out of the two pots that were provided.
We choose to sit next to the back door although a slight draft coming from people going in and out the door it was the best seats. The reindeer were just outside the door playing and tossing the straw across their paddock area hunting for food, which TJ found hilarious. 

Monday, 14 December 2015

Long Johns Fish & Chips

I'm up there among the seafood lovers of poole, and for me this chip shop is the best around.
With sit in and take away services, whether your in a rush or just having a wander through town this is highly recommended place to eat.

In the picture above I've ordered the skippers meal deal. I can eat with the best of them and this meal deal is more then adequate for myself and my mom. 
The fish and chips come out fresh from the fryer and on to the plate. As with all the food it's not to greasy.

The restaurant staff are always happy to help, friendly, on the ball and always smiling.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Secondary school and the beginnings of bullies

How cruel are children now a days?
Recently I've learnt how going from first to secondry school all about how nasty and bad mannered the children are in higher years.
Maybe it's just me but I believed in santa till I was at least 12 :/ yes I believed for many years. Perhaps it was just cos I always hoped for a puppy to be left in my stocking, perhaps for other reasons. But I never once remember an older child telling me he wasn't real and I never once told another child that I didn't believe,or that they shouldn't either.

A few children in the year above TJ have made it their mission to upset as many 1st years at their school by telling them at lunch time that santa doesn't exist.
For one of the families I think they need a lot of Christmas spirit with everything that's happening since they've had their daughters been born. Life has been very tough.
For me it's been hard watching from the sidelines and not being able to help. But hearing what I've heard about the older children and how cruel they are its just infuriating that they are allowed to get away with it and the school can't do anything.
Am I being over protective??

Friday, 4 December 2015

Does your hot drink often go cold??

In my house there's a lot of cold tea drank due to other things, mainly an 8 yr old demanding time or the door bell or cooking... well you get the idea.

As I'm sure a lot of other people find it hard to drink a nice hot cup of tea as well.
Whilst shopping in Wimborne, Dorset what a lovely little town I'd like to add. I stopped in at a rather small but crammed shop with everything you could possibly want for the kitchen from Orange peelers to cookie cutters to cake tins and cups.

I came across these small daisy rubber mats that grip to the cup as you lift it up.
Now this could be my mind but I thought these could be amazing for putting on my tea cups to keep the heat in!

I have a winner !!

After testing these daisys I can confirm my tea stays hotter for almost another 10 minutes giving me more of a chance to drink a hot drink.

Although not cheap but they are worth the amount of money due to wasting cups of tea and milk. I personally think they are worth it.

They came in a few various colors but unfortunately all in the shape of a daisy.

The daisys are dishwasher and microwave safe. As well as being a fat splatter guard when cooking.

So not just one use there are several.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Christmas shopping

When trying to shop for my eldest nephews Christmas present I've found it so hard this year.
I like to get him something he can build as he's such a clever young man. Over past years I've brought him science experiments such as the build a volcano or make your own crystals. This year I wanted something a little different so I opted for this really cool mug.

I like this mug for two different reasons :

1. Because it's heat activated
2. Because it's the solar system

I had to test it to make sure it worked, and I'm actually tempted to go and get another mug for myself.

The packaging itself is sturdy and in the shape of a small shortened rocket.

The mug is chunky but not to heavy. It's black with small white dots on which represents the stars in the sky.
One the boiling waters been added to the mug it takes a minute or two before it activates, the middle area slowly disappears and reveals constellations.

The cup stays warm for a good 10 minutes so if your a slow tea drinker it would be perfect for you.

Personally I think I made the right decision with this present but we shall see Christmas day.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Shoe box appeal number one

Over the next 3 weeks I'm aiming to donate to two different shoe box appeals.
My first shoe box appeal is to the local animal sanctuary that houses cats, dogs, rabbits, pigs, ducks, chickens, horses, goats and other various animals.
I love my animals and I'd do anything I can to help if and when I can. So this year I will be attempting to send in 5 complete dog boxes and 5 complete cat boxes. As well as various animal bits and pieces.
For this challenge I have given myself 2 weeks to get as many shoe boxes as I can and fill with as many animal bits that I can.
I already have tennis balls for dogs and a variety of different treats for dogs. I would like to get a few chews and things for the dogs though before wrapping up their shoe boxes and handing them in.
For cats now cats are a little trickier to shop for, I have cat sachet pouches and I would like to get some of those cat feathers on an elastic which is attached to a stick. Or little ping pong balls or something similar. I don't own a cat and the cat I did have ran away to a house down the road ( obviously didn't like being fed the food it was given or could've been the puppy and Tj ?? )

Have you ever given to a shoe box appeal?
This will be my second year running and I would love to continue as myself I think the best gift is to give to those less fortunate then ourselves.