Friday, 30 September 2016

The British Airways flight to California ...

The airport terminal was so quiet. 
Visiting california has always been on my bucket list and when my dad asked me to go with him I jumped at the chance.
We arrived at the Heathrow airport, London an hour before check in and found ourselves looking for some where to eat. There are two restaurants check in side of security but one was closed.
We choose to eat at Carluccio's where we ordered colazione magnifica. Eggs with grilled smoky pancetta, sautéed mushrooms, tomato and toasted Italian bread. Coffee or tea and a fresh juice which cost £9.95. I have to say it tasted amazing and would recommend it to anyone that has time to eat at that time of the morning. 

Our plane being prepared for the flight.
After check in and baggage check. I found myself heading towards duty free. Which wasn't much cheaper in the sweets department then Asda or other larger shops. Although I didn't buy anything I still wandered in and out of each shop looking at the extortionate prices and to be honest I walked out of the shops giggling to myself.
The flight itself was beautiful, smooth and easy going.
Although the air stewards weren't on the ball with serving drinks. They were with food. Each meal was served at just about the right time. Although first choice for food was already gone, the cabin crew were polite and apologetic for the lack of chicken provisions.
The female pilot - yes female made the flight a pleasant with occasional turbulence and a perfect landing, I didn't even think we had hit the tarmac it was a smooth landing.
Passing through border control LAX took around two and a half hours from getting off the plane to collecting luggage.
View from the cabin window as we flew over the US.
Getting the rental car from Avis couldn't of been easier. After exiting the airport we stood on a platform and all the car rental businesses had buses waiting to take us to their lots.  
Once at Avis we stood in line for five minutes filled in a few forms and we were set to go.
I did download NAVMII navigation but found it didn't work. Lucky for us I managed to connect to wifi and search on Google maps and keep the directions to the hotel which we wouldn't of found if it wasn't for  GOOGLE MAPS.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

August MS515w speakers definatly made my day

I've been looking for a few weeks for some small but powerful speakers to travel to the beach in the garden and even out and about when i go to random places for picnics with TJ.

This week it looks like I've found the perfect one. They are wireless bluetooth speakers that can be attached to the TV, PC and mobile phone or anything else via a headphone socket if needs be. These speakers can be purchased in black or white. I Choose mine in white as it matches my furniture and the rest of the houses electrical products.

Once ordered I received within a few days well packed with an appropriate sized box which it was a novelty as I've found lately that the boxes come in stupidly large boxes. 

When switching the speakers on to begin with there is a blue and a red light when charging.

Connecting the speakers to the PlayStation 3 was a little tricky, whether that was down to me not knowing how to use the PlayStation or it was just a tricky combination I don't know. The instructions are easy to follow and as clear as can be. After faffing around for a few minutes I managed to hook them up via the bluetooth and away we went. 

The sound coming from the speakers were clear and crisp. The bass on then did not go to waste. I've had speakers before that left a a funny ringing sound after certain sounds but I can honestly say that with these I do not hear it. Even when the speakers are at full volume there is no rattling after sound. 

The speakers themselves are no bigger then then my hands. and can fit in my hand bag easily without any problems.

The speakers are quick and easily charged with the use of a USB port. 

I'm so pleased with these I know what I'm giving my brother for christmas ;).