Friday, 27 November 2015

Putting life on hold

I found out the hard way of how much I've liked someone for years, in fact I've secretly had a crush on him throughout middle and secondary school.
Now this person has never known how I've felt until recently when I told him, yes bad timing on my behalf but at the same time I couldn't keep it bottled in.
Needless to say we're still friends and now he's a little less informative about him and his girlfriend. No more upsetting details for me.
It may sound silly at the same time I want to know that he's OK and that things with him and his other half are going well. No matter what my feelings are for him I would never want to see him upset or hurt nor would I want his other half to be upset by our friendship.
I am very reluctant to let guys near my son or family as we've had a lot happen in the past to us. But no matter what he is there as understanding as always.
He is usually the one I message or call when I am having a hard time at home or with my son. No matter where he is whether at work, out to sea or at home I know he will always reply or call me back as soon as possible.
Don't get me wrong said guy also has his bad side, such as being cocky, annoying and very big headed. But he's always been honest with me throughout everything.
My mom treats him like he's part of the family and no matter what abuse he gets he's always gotta come back with something one step up.

Recently I've been finding I want to settle down, I want to have myself a nice guy, and so I've decided to start seeing someone. Whether or not it will last only time will tell but, I for one don't think I've met my match with this young man.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Christmas calander

How much is to much for a chocolate filled calender?
Well this year instead of paying upto £5 for a chocolate calendar I brought TJ a playmobil one. Although all the boys calenders that were on sale weren't Christmas themed, we agreed on the girls one for one reason. It has a light up tree!!! I can't wait to play with the set day by day.
Perhaps I'm a bigger child then TJ but I'm looking forward to him opening them each day.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Cutting back the lavender

So this week other then being at work, I decided to take on the big challenge of sorting out parts of the garden for winter.
I managed to cut the grass which seemed to take forever and a day as it was damp. As well as cutting back the lavender. Now I've never cut the lavender back before now so I'm not sure how low I shouldve gone, but I still have some green showing on the top so I gave it a shorter at the sides and a little longer on the top kinda cut. It looks so much neater but hopefully it will survive.

Next on the task was to burn all the lavender. It was damp when I started burning and not to windy, so I checked the neighbours gardens to make sure no washing was out and I let loose on the burning bin.