Monday, 21 March 2016

Blokpod - For all the Lego lovers

This week between the bugs and germs that have spread about my house' I was lucky enough to receive an awesome new product that's gone on the market called the 'Blokpod'. The product is available on Amazon currently at £44.99.

TJ is a big fan of Lego so this was a perfect gift for him to help sort out his many thousands of bricks out without having to do it by hand.

The main part of is made up of 4 round plastic chambers, 3 various sized grates and a lid.
the idea of this device is to empty a large amount of Lego into the top chamber with the largest grate, place the lid on and give it a little shake. The smaller pieces of Lego will fall  through the holes and go to the next level down, where once again when you shake it will fall through to the next level and if it's small enough to fit through to the base chamber.

Tj loved every second of this from the dismantling and looking at each piece to putting it back together bit by colored bit. We both liked the shape and found it was easy to maneuver with the handles being in built in to the lid. We've stored it under his desk with Lego pieces still inside and when he feels like he needs to have a little shake whilst doing his homework, well why not after all it was designed to be shaken and not stirred.

Disclaimer: I received a Blokpod in exchange for an honest review on the product. All opinions are my own.

If you sign up today you can receive a 20 % discount and when you register you have a 15 year warranty.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

A day in the life of me and my son...

Today has been a real tough day for me.
Firstly I took my son who has been signed off of school due to now having a chest infection.
There was my first mistake taking him to work with me. After promising he'd be good and that he would stay in the van and do the work books I brought, he did two pages, complained they were to hard ( simple maths add 3 ) and through a hissy fit and stopped off into the van hitting me on the way past.

After that I got called stupid for around 45 mins and when he didn't get a rise out of me he then started kicking and punching me in every place he could reach. I managed to distract him thanks to a college working alongside me but this didn't last for long.

So I left work early due to the people walking by and giving me dirty looks for allowing him to act the way he was ( which I wasn't allowing him at all, I just couldn't stop him).

He seemed to calm down on the way home and fell asleep for 45 mins. I left him to wake up by himself while I sorted out stock.

Homeward bound.

Supper cooked and eaten, bathtime full blown refusal. Left to calm down and he ends up trying to break my knee cap.

How many times do I have to put up with an 8 year old bullying me?
How can I stop him?

What's worse I'd the fact that as he gets older he's only going to get stronger and everytime I ask for help I don't even get a response.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

When you ask and ask and ask .....

Looking at my 8 year old he is normal. He's has his outbursts like every child has. But deep down a parent knows when something is wrong.
For 6 long years I've gone to the doctors and asked for them to help, to test, to refer me to someone who could help. For 6 long years I've been knocked back with the same answer " it's your parenting " .
2 years ago I signed up for the Webster Stratton 16 week parenting course to help tweak my parenting.
Now 16 sessions of which I had to take time out of work to attend (this caused a lot of issues, and ended up with me loosing my job due to the course), I found praising Tj continually made him angrier. The course itself and the structure is built for children that do not have anger issues.
Anyway 2 weeks ago I privately hired a physiologist to come and help Tj through his anger. It's amazing the lady sat with us watched Tj and even spoke to him by himself for a while.
Whilst here she watched and observed. And by the end of the session she agreed there was something wrong. She suggested he had R.A.D and possibly a slight form of autism.

Why in 6 years has it taken so long for someone to agree there is something wrong.
Last week I managed to get a doctor's appointment gave him the paper and he looked at me blankly then asked what I'd like him to do. The words "help me get help for him" came out of my mouth and again  the doctor looked blankly and said all he could do was refer me.
After all these years of not being helped I've gotten used to the daily abuse from my child. Bruised stomach, arms, daily temper tantrums and slammings of doors.
But what happens as he gets older?
I can handle my own.
My question to anyone that reads this rant is..... what happens when the abuse turns to someone else? 
When he's older and he stabs somebody ( yes maybe over dramatic but it could happen). When someone blames me for his wild behaviour.

What else can I do to help him but keep asking for help and keep getting denied.

What else can I do?

Friday, 4 March 2016

Looking at photo's is hard ...

Today I was looking through an old facebook account whilst Tj was sat next to me and I came across a photo of my oldest girl -scoobydoo. Tj immediately says look mom there's your baby girl which instantly started me blubbing. She was my world and my biggest fan as well as my confidant 8 years ago. I had Tj and she had a stroke, I couldn't cry when I put her to rest nor could I be sad. She meant everything to me and me so happy. She taught me how to love.
Yes I realise she was only a dog but growing up and having a few things happen to me. She helped every day she was there always wanting to be at my side through good times or bad times.
Memories can be cruel at times don't you think?
Do you ever get those days where your talking about someone and you had good memories about them?
Well I was chatting with an old friend from college today about an ex that I was like he was family from the word go. He was the guy that I wanted to protect, the guy I would've done anything for.
Well I decided to do a little facebook stalking today after reminiscing about the past and I really wish I hadn't. I was already feeling down this morning, after seeing his photos and pictures on their with a puppy of the dog that I wanted and pictures of him and his partner. I now feel miserable.
I wish I hadn't looked but I'm glad he's happy - kind of.
Since seeing this guy I have not dated anyone. It's now been nearly 2 years since we split up and I'm still on the look out for my gentleman.
I'm not rushing due to past relationships and how they acted.
I want to find that guy that holds the door, the chair. The guy that will be there for me no matter what.
I miss the ex and what he stood for.
Maybe one day I'll find a guy that can make me happy again.
For now I'll just think of happy times, oh and think about my next trip to the USA and what plans I can make whilst away. 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Karcher Cast Aluminium-Roasting Dish

In the oven or on the hob
I received my karcher cast aluminium dish in black including red oven mitts.
The roasting dishes came in a box within a box. I did think it was a little over the top for packaging.but i'm glad they did as they were well protected.
When opening the box and removing the contents the feel of the roasting dishes were lighter then I thought they would be.

I have tried many different methods of cooking since I received the karcher kit with the both the lid and the roasting dish. This is by far the best cooking tool I have ever used.
Its durable and holds the heat for a long time making serving from oven or hob to the table an easy task.
Its easy to use and even easier to clean with the non stick finish.

The only down-side I have found so far about these products is the width of the both pans when putting in the oven they were a fraction to wide to fit which meant I had to put them in at a little angle leaning against the sides. This does not in anyway affect the cooking of any thing that is being cooked.

The red oven mitts fit all sized hands and also reflect the heat rather well.

I would recommend this product to all of my friends as it is a bargain price for all the things you can do with the product.
My favourite dish 
Cooking prawns with garlic 

Cooking squash soup