Friday, 30 October 2015

Flashing dog collars

I've not seen flashing dog collars in use before until last night when I was on a dog walk. 
A lady a few doors down has them for her dogs and one of them is black. We live with a bridal path behind us, so every cyclist in the world seems to use it when they finish work. Although my dogs have never been hit I could understand how people cannot see the dogs whilst in the dark. It was nice to see that even in the dark the cyclist still saw the dogs and missed them.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My mom's birthday at the Glassblower.

From the title of the post Friday the 23rd October is my mom's birthday.
So this year I took her out to lunch in Wimborne, near Poole.
Firstly I'd like to say how much I like visiting this little town for its uniqueness.
We shopped in M&Co, this shop always has good quality clothes in it and jeans that aren't those silly skinny leg fit.
Then lunch was at a small pub but it was so lovely and the food was amazing. My mom and I both ordered the mussels and bread.
When the food came our bread was the size of a small loaf, fresh and fluffy.
The mussels were piled high in a large bowl  that probably could of fed two people in one portion but I couldn't see my mom wanting to share to be honest.
The sauce was amazing, most probably one of the best white wine based sauces I've had for a very long time. It was creamy but not over powering. The onions and wine perfectly cooked together.

I'm thinking of visiting again possibly for Christmas just to eat the mussels again.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Homework this week...

My 7 year old got sent home with homework this week. It goes something like this :

You are on a ship and it crashes on on to a desert island. Using only the things you can find from the ship and the island. Design yourself a shelter.

Now I did not know that he had been set homework this week as TJ said nothing but he disappeared for 20 minutes into my scrapbooking area and came back down with this.

I'm pretty darn tooting excited about this box as he's designed it all himself with no help from me at all.
He even drew on paper and designed and labelled it himself with the tools and plants he could use.

Yet another proud mommy moment !!!

Friday, 16 October 2015

The Grand Canyon tour by papillon helicopter

I loved visiting the Grand Canyon, boarding the helicopter was one of the most memorable days of my holiday. From the speed 140 knots to the  height that we flew at what takes in the car over 4 hours to get to the sky walk we flew past it in 20 minutes.
The view from the sky was incredible on the cloud free day. The soundtrack played through the headphones fitted the flight perfectly.
As we flew across the hoover dam, we were told that the water levels were at 35% capacity due to the draughts in California.  When looking at the water  I could see where the water was at one stage and where it is now due to the white walls which is caused by the water washing the dirt away from the walls of the Lake Mead and the Colorado river.

To see the canyon in person is beyond wonderful and to describe the sights is hard, because no matter how hard  anyone describes it you can not imagine the colors or the hidden depths of the canyons. The Canyon where we flew in was 35 miles wide. 

The Papillon flight pilot was lovely and answered every single question that was asked by the 5 other tourists in the helicopter.
I was lucky to sit in a window seat  whilst my dad had one of the middle seats in the row. The other tourists on board the flight were Australian and Spanish.  The pilot put on a Spanish tape after he explained pieces for the rest of the people onboard.

The company Pappilion provided transport to and from an airfield about 45 minutes away from the Luxor hotel that was included in the price of the flight.

I hope to go back to Las Vegas again in about  10 years time and I will  be going on this flight again when I go back.
I would recommend this to anyone that visits Las Vegas to go  on the tour with Pappilion at half the cost of the other tour operators  it's worth the 5 star score from me.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Viva las vegas!

After a long and very stressful 2 weeks I'm finally off to Las Vegas.
The trip to the airport and check in went really quickly as for the plane journey 10 hours without much leg room (and I'm short) and the middle seat of three.
Have to hand it to virgin staff they were lovely throughout the flight. Very friendly, helpful and up for a quick talk whenever they could.
The inflight programmes were very good and it just so happened the book I've been reading the last few months was one of the inflight movies. So of course I finished my book off and watched the movie. Every second of the movie had me enthralled. And I fell in love again with the main rodeo rider. The movie by the way was "the last ride".
The flight continued and I watched "Spy" which while I found Jason Statham to be hilarious the rest of the movie wasn't that good.
On the descent to Las Vegas airport the sights of the Grand Canyon were fenominal and I could see it out of both windows. The views definitely made up for the boredom on the flight.