Friday, 24 March 2017

Researching the best offers in Orlando Fl.

Only a few people know that I am planning my trip to Orlando in the near future. When I don't exactly know but with the rate of the pound to the dollar at the moment I am struggling with my budget.
I started this week by looking into companies that offer sign up sheets and discounts for eateries and shortlisted a few around the 192 area as this is where I'm intending on staying.  These are what I've come up with so far although if anyone else reading this blog can think of any more then please by all means let me know as I'm sure others would be interested. As a tip only sign up the week before you visit as the vouchers don't last more then two weeks.

Food - steak house - buffet steakhouse - all day food and pie! - pancakes and more. - buffet - buffet , Italian - seafood and steak house - American style food - old country comfort food - Italian - Pizza restaurant - American style food -( im not entirely sure but have been told its nice food) - American style food - Italian

Shops - millenia mall

Activities - mini golf  - gatorland $2.50 off admission - airboat rides discounts for all

Not forgetting Groupon Orlando which has some fantastic deals throughout the year.

If your visiting on hoiday ensure to sign up to for additional information on orlando area.

Ideas and guidance 

disney exprience 
kids eat free
kissimmee travel guide

There are probablly 100's more that I have not added so please feel free to share in the comments box.
when signing up instead of having the different marketing come through to your normal email account perhaps look into opening up another account just for your holiday?

Weymouth sea life centre

Having visited the sea life centre in Weymouth over 7 years ago. I expected the place to be really run down and not as much fish as there actually were.
 When going into the park there is a restaurant on the left and a few other attractions in which you can visit.Car parking is not free and costs from 80p upwards depending on how much time and how busy the sealife centre is so allow for plenty of time.

I was surprised as it was looking a little shabby but all the areas were in the process of being remodeled and new playgrounds being built within the grounds.
The route in which the booklet helps guide you through the different areas was a little dated as was the park but that didn't stop us having a fun experience throughout the 2 hours we were there.  

 Whilst looking around at the mixture of sea creatures its clear to see that the tanks are kept clean at all times and that the fish are cared for a great deal.

My favourite tanks are  the urchins, sea horses and the lion fish. Whether its because I used to keep these myself makes for happy memories.

There is a restaurant on site but as I wanted vegetables we ventured off in the car on a 5 minute drive which was recommend by a local.
The food at the harvester was very filling and was priced well. 
The service was not the best but it was busy, and I expected the service to be a little slower then the normal. I didnt get to take any photos of the meal although I wish I had as it was lovely, but by the time it had been served up I was starving and couldn't wait any longer. 

Monday, 20 March 2017

Motissfont - national trust

Our trip this weekend took us an hour and a half to find. With the sat nav guiding us to the front door of Mottisfont.
Mottisfont is part of the National trust and can be found just outside Romsey in Hampshire.

The grounds are lovely with a secret garden hidden behind walls, a fast flowing river hidden far beyond the fields that belong to Mottisfont.
The breathtaking scenery as far as the eye can see is beautiful.

Bearing in mind that Saturday had been non stop rain all day and night, we still decided to venture to the grounds.

When walking in the grounds the first thing we saw was a young boy around the age of 12 covered head to toe in mud. He said he'd slipped over playing tag with his friends in one of the play area's.

Taking the dogs along the path next to the stream we came across a wooden play area that was surrounded by mud. This had to of been where the young boy had fallen. The trail was arranged in a circular pattern with various obstacles to scale and balance along, which would've been great fun for TJ if it hadn't of been so wet and slippery. Within five minutes he'd had enough of doing the splits on numerous obstacles.

The next stop was where the river splits and causes an over flow point. Now this area is fantastic for the kids. There's an area that feeds of so the kids can pump the water into a trough with different levels. Each level has a barrier which can be raised to allow water to pass through.

The river falls across a smooth stone based area in which if anyone is feeling brave can walk across before it approaches the small waterfall area.

Continuing around the grounds there is an old fishing Hut which has been perfectly preserved with decorations for the keenest of fishermen/women. The stables which is also where the bathrooms are located and a restaurant. Although the price are a little expensive it's no different to any other national trust site.

The main house has 3 different levels which can be accessed via different areas. Ground floor can be accessed through the side of the building. Around the at the maids entrance towards the back you can find a small door which leads upstairs to the first floor.
Ive not visited the second floor but have been told it is trickier to find as you need to ask a staff member to visit it because of the very small staircase. Here you can find an alligator in the bath tub. (A former member of the household once kept one in the tub, and so the tradition is kept going with this stuffed reptile).