Wednesday, 29 April 2015

How do you get past tantrums?

TJ has recently been going over and beyond
with his tempers and for him to have gone into my room opened my laptop and pulled off my keys after being told 'NO' for having dessert after supper.

How would you react to seeing this?
My poor laptop!
I was fuming.
Yes I know it's only a laptop but it's the only thing that he is not allowed to touch or use, nor even been allowed to use ever.
My Toshiba satellite is my most prized possession and after having it for 5 years its still in almost new condition.... WAS until he pulled of my keys.

Que the tears and very angry raised voice (from me).

I know the keys can be replaced but the lack of respect he has for anything is beyond me.

I've been told that a children of 7 don't know what they are doing when they destroy things, but I don't believe those people that say that.
This was a well calculated move on his behalf to see how far he could push me.
Well for this little move. He has had privileges for the next 3 weeks taken away. Including no electronic use, dessert or sweets.
Have I gone a little too far I think not. Perhaps he'll learn not to do something like this again. Perhaps not. But till then I'm trying my hardest to type with missing keys.

I've always tried to raise TJ to have respect for other peoples property but over the past several months I've noticed the lack of it.

I've even spoken to his headmaster and asked him to speak to TJ as well.
Being a mom and trying to discipline such a strong willed son is hard when I have no male influence around. So the next best thing for authority is his head master.

So I will see what happens and see if TJ has an apology for me when he finishes school, whether he says sorry or not, it wont make any difference on his punishment. For once I will be going the whole way through this one ensuring he learns a lesson.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015


What is your idea of paradise?
Mine is this place.
For those who don't know this place its Typhoon Lagoon. In Orlando Florida.
I find myself when I get stressed or upset thinking what it would be like being there right now.
Sun shining gentle breeze, the whooshing of the wave machine and the screams of enjoyment as the wave hurtles towards the people in the water.

The thoughts Of Orlando and of Disney always seem to make my days so much better.
Thinking of the boat ride or monorail across the lake. The breeze in the air and the excitement in the air.
Disney Boat View

The Grand Floridian 

The thoughts of the wedding chapel one the seven seas lagoon where one day I might be able to visit one day (will more then likely never happen) when looking for a place to get married. Juts out on the lake with its fantastic windows and the carpet down the isle that reads 'and they lived happily ever after '.
I love a Disney Fairy Tale and if it includes me then I love it even more one day i'll find my prince and be the star of my own life.

Disney's Wedding Pavillion

Once inside the Park a walk down main street to the castle again just listening to the bustle of the visitors inside the Disney makes my day.
Seeing kids wearing Disney Princess costumes.
Seeing TJ excited and dragging me towards a Character and waiting in the que to get a photo and signature on his book.
Imagining this on a weekly basis makes the countdown to my next holiday there just a little easier to pass the days by.

Walt Disney World, Florida

Thursday, 23 April 2015

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Local markets

Have you ever visited your local market?
Why not?
The local market is a great way of supporting the community and a great way to save money from the fresh local fruit and veg to the fish mongers or meat wagons to pet stalls and flower stalls. 

The markets host in so many different places.
I personally have been to Wareham in Dorset and it never really struck me how amazing these market traders are.

Majority are there for the crack of dawn setting up their stalls in rain wind or snow. These traders are usually the happiest people I've met and always willing to deals.
What's the harm in going and see how much you can save on your weekly shopping or just go for a day out. I'm sure you'll have a nice day as I always do !

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A trip down memory lane for my mom

For those of you who don't know my mom, well that's everyone. My mom used to be in a children's home from 1967 to 1969. The home was on the outskirts of Dorchester called Penwithen.

Over the past several month my mom has had re-occurring dreams about the school. For what reason neither of us know, so  I offered to go with her to the place that she keeps dreaming about.

Mom where she stood 47 years ago!
As we pulled up to the building the car park is full and my mom is visibly shaking, from being so nervous.
The entrance hallway was a two floor staircase with a fire place on the right near a window for signing in where my mom spoke to a very nice lady who's aunt was in the children's home a few years after.
The grand foyer
I couldn't take a lot of pictures as the building is now the Social services head quarters of Dorset.
Original windows at the entrance 
The original architecture of this building is amazing. The add- on buildings look dreadful and do not go in the slightest with the old buildings.

A hand written note about Penwithen - the only information I've found so far.

 Do you know anyone that attended the children's home or have any information?

I would be grateful if anyone has any information that they could share with me or point me in the right direction, I will be happy to do more research just for the sake of my mothers sanity!

Monday, 20 April 2015

An evening out at Frankie and Benny's

This evening I was to tired to cook a full meal from scratch so decided last minute to go to Frankie and Benny's at Tower Park, Poole.

This would be my second meal there in 6 months. The first time I went with my mom by ourselves and came out stuffed to the brim.
This time I took TJ although being very nervous as TJ finds it hard to concentrate and stay sitting at the table for long periods of time.

I got attacked by the balloon monster aka TJ !
The staff were very polite and the waiter I can only describe as ''Puck'' from Glee look alike was lovely and very attentive, patient with TJ and even joined in a with TJ whilst he was playing with balloons and colouring which came in the kids menu pack.

Due to it being early the restaurant was fairly quiet.
The atmosphere in the restaurant is amazing it reminds me of being in an American 50s diner, with the music on in the background had TJ dancing in the isles.

When the food was served it was fresh hot and plenty of it!

Penne Carbonara
Penne Arrabbiata

After we'd finished this delicious meal there was more then enough served on the plate , I couldn't manage to eat all of mine.
The menu we choose was the lunch menu that was served till 5pm.

A two course meal and drinks cost just over £30 for three people.

As you can see dessert was lovely, more then enough for a 7 year old with  eyes bigger then his tummy.
When we rolled out of Frankie and Benny's, YES I said rolled! TJ fell asleep in the car from being so full.

We will defiantly visit again thanks to the amazing service that was provided and the food helped a little too.

For an added bonus sign up for the birthday club also as the birthday person gets main course for free!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Thomas Hardy's Cottage

Todays adventure was to the Author Thomas Hardy's birth place. The picture below was taken today using a vintage app I've installed on my phone so whilst holding 3 dogs I thought I'd perch on the edge of the garden seat and take a few on my phone.

Looking at them on my laptop I'm impressed as they all look great!

Thomas Hardy's Home
In One of the cottage rooms was a baby's crib. In it we found a small ball of fur. The cat despite being in the middle of a very busy house was fast asleep and purring away as people walked past looking in to the room.
Make sure you look in the bedroom cupboard there's a surprisingly weird surprise!

TJ posing to show a monument built by the Americans for Thomas Hardy

Although There was a lot of hills todays adventure was fun. Along the way to the cottage we came across several rather large holes in the ground, when I asked someone that worked in the cottage later the tour guide explained that they were sand bunkers (similar to quicksand I guess).

TJ's favourite 'bunker' had a rather large tyre swing and stick swing hanging from it. TJ had no fear though after seeing an older girl swinging off the branches. So he decided to have a go!
Me through very clenched teeth aloud him yelling to hold on tight and cross his legs! ( as if he didn't know this already ).

The depth of this bunker is not fully shown on this photo.

Hardy's cottage and garden.

The walking and Playing took us around the cottage ground through woodland, past a pond and 5 ponies. Taking a picnic and a trailer to carry everything came in handy. Even the oldest dog enjoyed hitching a ride for a few minutes occasionally to catch her breath.

Here's a direct link so you can have a look at whether its worth the visit. But again I would recommend just for the views of the cottage alone.

Kingston Lacy - National trust

Being a National trust member gives a whole new opening to places I can take TJ.
This time we choose to go to Kingston Lacy it's situated about 10 minutes from Wimborne in Poole, Dorset.

The grounds are breathe taking with camillia bush path. 

Japanese Gardens
On this visit the house was closed but on others that I've done to here, the house itself is amazing. Best part in my opinion is the children's nursery and the nannies rooms.

TJ had fun running riot in the gardens and beyond to the old farmland, that's now been converted into gardening plots and a children's play area.
Tj had the most fun here playing on the ride along tractor track, racing his cousins.

On the way out we stopped at the shop. There are so many lovely things inside but only one thing I ended up buying. 
It cost me £1.50 and was a stack of  multi coloured wooden blocks with a piece of elastic going through the middle. This toy was amazing the whole journey home TJ sat quietly building shapes.
Perfect end to a Pretty perfect day out!



Friday, 17 April 2015

A visit to Paultons Park

For the first time in around 6 years, I ventured to Paultons Park. Not expecting much since the last time I visited there were dated dinosaur exhibitions and dated rides.
I was surprised to find everything was current and up to date as well as the entrance looking very Americanised and clean.
Something's never change though, the entrance globe has been there since I can remember and I sat watching TJ trying to do the exact same thing I used to when I was younger. watching him try and push the ball back round the opposite way made me smile.

The second thought was how big it now looked compared to when I was younger.
We visited the 4D theatre which the story seemed a little dated and TJ couldn't focus for long on it despite there being a few hidden surprises for park guests.

Peppa pig world WOW! despite being long que's for the rides the waiting time for each one must've been around 20 minutes and the rides seemed to be long enough to enjoy.

Instead of eating at the restaurants due to trying to keep costs down, I took a picnic.
We hired out the lockers which were just inside the entrance for a £1 (but be aware that's every time you access the locker so make sure you remove everything that you need). It proved to be very useful as stored jackets backpacks with our lunch and car keys to ensure we didn't loose them.
After lunch we headed to the larger rides for the tweens upwards. I enjoyed the coasters and bigger rides.

TJ most defiantly enjoyed his special day before heading back to school.