Sunday, 19 April 2015

Thomas Hardy's Cottage

Todays adventure was to the Author Thomas Hardy's birth place. The picture below was taken today using a vintage app I've installed on my phone so whilst holding 3 dogs I thought I'd perch on the edge of the garden seat and take a few on my phone.

Looking at them on my laptop I'm impressed as they all look great!

Thomas Hardy's Home
In One of the cottage rooms was a baby's crib. In it we found a small ball of fur. The cat despite being in the middle of a very busy house was fast asleep and purring away as people walked past looking in to the room.
Make sure you look in the bedroom cupboard there's a surprisingly weird surprise!

TJ posing to show a monument built by the Americans for Thomas Hardy

Although There was a lot of hills todays adventure was fun. Along the way to the cottage we came across several rather large holes in the ground, when I asked someone that worked in the cottage later the tour guide explained that they were sand bunkers (similar to quicksand I guess).

TJ's favourite 'bunker' had a rather large tyre swing and stick swing hanging from it. TJ had no fear though after seeing an older girl swinging off the branches. So he decided to have a go!
Me through very clenched teeth aloud him yelling to hold on tight and cross his legs! ( as if he didn't know this already ).

The depth of this bunker is not fully shown on this photo.

Hardy's cottage and garden.

The walking and Playing took us around the cottage ground through woodland, past a pond and 5 ponies. Taking a picnic and a trailer to carry everything came in handy. Even the oldest dog enjoyed hitching a ride for a few minutes occasionally to catch her breath.

Here's a direct link so you can have a look at whether its worth the visit. But again I would recommend just for the views of the cottage alone.

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