Sunday, 24 January 2016

Melt downs ....

Yes my child has issues but normally, he won't destroy anything in his own room. Well for the first time tonight he took it to far over the door boundary of his room and chucked his ps3 controller on the floor. The controllers not just any controller it's a special plug in and charge one with lights that flash on it and vibrates too.
Tonight's tantrum ended up with him throwing it on the floor just short of the carpet which meant it hit his wooden floor boards and yep you guessed it, the controller shattered into lots of smaller pieces.
Maybe I shouldn't laugh, but for once he realises how upsetting it is to have something of his own broken, which then reduced him to tears for about 20 minutes.
Once the initial shock wore off I calmly sat on his bed and explained to him that I wouldn't be paying for a new one and that he would have to save up his pocket money.

When it comes to pocket money Tj has chores if these are not done then he does not get the pennies for the tasks.
I'm not asking to much from him just what he should be doing at his age anyway. These include sleeping in his own bed, going to bed on time, washing his hair, brushing his teeth. Amongst a few others.
The first few that I named are ones I struggle with him a lot. We have good days and bad days, as does anyone.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Cheeky nandos

Imagine sitting in a restaurant talking between your companion and yourself, up beat Portuguese music playing in the background. Mood lighting shining down on the table, enough to allow you to read the menu without straining your eyes but not too bright that it hurts.
The server greeting you explaining nandos etiquette. ( myself I don't need help there).

Once you've chosen and ordered your meal at the till don't forget your table number! Sit back and relax......

My meal went like this, hopefully yours will turn out similar to my meal out.

Beneath the perfectly cooked crispy exterior of my 1/2 cooked chicken was a tender white meat in mango and lime sauce.
The crispy coating finished the chicken off perfectly.
The corn on the cob although a little cold tasted amazing there was no way I was sending it back.
Crispy garlic bread freshly toasted.
The freshly cooked piri piri cooked chips were lightly covered with special piri piri salt. Although the chips were freshly cooked the oil was still seeping on to the plate from where they weren't drained properly.
This was sorted by placing a paper tissue under the chips for a few seconds and blotting up the oil.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Old photo's

I was recently looking through a history book of where I live in Poole, to see what information there is about my family when I came across this old photo.
The 2 young boys at the back are my dad and uncle, in the pushchair is another uncle. The boy at the front nobody seems to recollect who he is and it doesn't say any name in the book either.
In the same book my dad has a monkey that used to be down Poole town on his shoulder. My Dad dislikes monkeys for what reason I'm not sure but he definitely doesn't dislike them in this photo.

So here is my question to you.
Have you ever been surprised by photos that have been published of family members that you've not seen before?

Thursday, 14 January 2016

New bed .... old bedside cabinets

A few months back I brought myself a new mattress from ikea and a duvan Base.
It was the best decesion I could've made the mattress I had was causing me to have bad back, my shoulders hurt , my neck  felt like I'd slept on a brick all night and when it came time to get up and go. Well I had none.
After a year of trying my hardest to put up with it I decided enough was enough. I began by looking Benson beds, the beds just weren't quite right, so I took a long drive to ikea. Whilst at ikea I looked in the bargain basement and found a king size mattress. The mattress is a made of memory foam.  Being from the bargain basement I loaded it on the trolley and went upto the beds part of the show room. Tried the mattresses out and fell in love with the one I'd found.  With a few marks on the cover I looked at the price and was pleased when I found it to be over 65% off the original price. Maybe I should've checked the price in the first place but I was soo excited to have found it in the bargain basement.
I decided to buy a duvan Base with two drawers. The Base itself is well built and extremely strong. The drawers on the other hand not such a good design. When the drawers have items inside it pushes the Base down and causes the drawers to rub on the Base making it harder to pull out.  On my next visit to ikea I shall be enquiring about Base strengtheners.

During the time that I spent in the shop I was lucky to not have to take TJ around with me, he enjoyed his hour of freedom in the child's creche area. The ball pit is one TJ'S favourite parts of the creche along with the toilets especially in the creche area so he can use it when he needs to instead of asking to go.

I now sleep in pure comfort . I never wake with bad back, neck pains and 99% of the time I wake ready and raring to go.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Mindless vandalism

Do you ever get the feeling when your working your butt off that it's all for nothing?

Well this week some moron, decided to kick my work van windows in.
Thanks to this mindless vandalism, I have now had to pay for 2 new windows, an excess on my insurance and not to mention missing 4 days of work because I cannot drive it without windows.

Do you think today's society actually think about others, or is it a thing of the past?

Myself I try to be the best person I can without upsetting anyone (it's hard at times) and try to help others out when I can.
I honestly don't understand why people do what they do at times.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Little passports is a hit !!

Today the long awaited surprise came through the post.
Little passports came through the post in a lovely box decorated box that says little passports, so there's no mistaking the  parcel that comes through the post.
The parcel itself came from the United States and took around 10 days for it to arrive ( a little longer in my case due to it being Christmas and new year).

When the parcel was opened there was a mini letter to me, explaining what the parcel holds and other details about little passports.

As the story goes Sam and sofia are 10 year old children and they travel on a magical scooter to different continents.

Inside the 1st parcel TJ found a suitcase, a passport, stickers, an activities booklet,a map and a luggage tag.

The luggage tag opens up yet more amazing treats online.

The map is medium sized to put up on the wall which is fantastic for those inquisitive minds.

I don't want to give to much more away as it'll ruin the fun. But it's safe to say I can't wait for next month's parcel to come.