Thursday, 25 August 2016

Thunderbirds are go, go, go!

I am in love with this new RC Thunderbirds 2.

Unboxing the T2 didn't take much effort there were 2 pieces of string wrapped around the T2, a small piece of cable tie around the charging cables which was slotted inside a cardboard slit. The controller was held in with 2 small plastic pieces that were easily twisted to release from the packaging. This has by far been the best and easiest packaged toy I have opened in a very long time.


Once out of the packaging the controller needed 4 x AA batteries, I was prepared to get the mini screwdriver, but it was not needed. There is a neat little button that you need something similar to the size of  a biro pen nib to push in and slide out. Again this was so easy to do even a small child could do it.

Flying competition

From the minute I charged the aircraft my 35 year old brother and myself have been trying to out manoeuvre each other.
The controls are easy to use with the left thumb stick controlling height with the right thumb stick controlling the turning.
 Its light weight with a polystyrene shell in the shape of T2. This covers the power core and the stabilization gyro making the T2 harder to crash and break. The shell helps protect all the walls and furniture from being chipped at by the rotating blades.

(sorry about the mess) T2 at a steady height.

Due to the rotating blades that spin round the bottom of the Thunderbird 2 I would recommend using with hair up ( longer hair ) as it causes a draft when flying overhead causing hair to go everywhere. 

The T2 flies in various directions, but because of the lightweight design is easily blown of course when there is a draft which makes the craft a little harder to control. 
Charging time is very quick and the charge for the Thunderbird 2 we found have lasted about 25 - 30 minutes with each charge.

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