Saturday, 27 August 2016

Nothe Fort Weymouth

Entrance to Nothe Fort 
Monday the 26th of August was a busy day but for some reason this beautifully restored Fort was not busy. The heat outside was hot and sticky and yet walking around this place it seemed like a cool summers day.

When you enter the Fort it doesn't look like much but a large tunnel and lots of rooms leading off the central area.

View from the top of the Fort 
We first started looking around the top floor of the Victorian built labyrinth. With three floors and fantastic views of the surrounding coastal area we were stunned at the sights that could be seen from the viewing deck room.    


Each of the displays on every floor had numbers to help find where you are on the map. This came in handy when we reached the basement floor. In the basement there was a dark corridor where it's said to have a lot of paranormal activity the main one being an eerie whistler that can heard around the Fort.  

Each floor has various room with descriptions of what the rooms roll was back in each of the wars.

Feeling very lucky whilst looking around we stumbled across a room that had man made matchstick  aircraft carriers and planes. Each of the models were hand painted down to the smallest detail

Matchstick airplanes

Matchstick aircraft carriers 

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