Thursday, 11 August 2016

An order from Bonusprint

Over the last few weeks I have compiled holiday photo's into a photograph album online from when I went to Las Vegas last year.
My parcel arrived 4 days later.
I ordered 3 different products polaroid style prints, large photo album which has writing on the front cover (extra cost) and a small photo album.
The 24 paged book that I have chosen is a small landscape album which measures 20 x 15cm with a spiral binding.
Each page can hold up to 7 pictures and a small amount of text on the page. I chose not to include text or a background as I wanted the pictures to look as natural as I could. 
The cover page is a transparent and shows the first picture in the photograph album.

First order 
The second album that I made was TJ's 8th birthday up to the last few weeks. 
In this album I added borders and writing on each page in the book. There are 24 pages in this album and I could've purchased more if I wanted to but did not feel the need to as I only used 13 pages. Which is plenty adequate for me as i can add more pictures to the book over the next month to fill it up. 

Full page photo
Light background 
Bright background 

My next package arrived in a few days, which I expected as I ordered on a Sunday evening.

These prints were a little naughty as I used prints from the Internet as I wanted to see how the pictures came out before I ordered lots. 
I received my photographs and the prints were perfect. I honestly thought they would come out all odd shaped or the color in them wouldn't be very bright. I was wrong and so glad that I ordered the select few that I had done as I now know that in 30 days when I travel to California and visit part of Route 66 I know the pictures will come out how I would like them.

Photographs to add to my Route 66 wall.

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