Monday, 1 August 2016

The Army Air Museum - Stockbridge

Tank outside the museum
The Army Air Museum is located just a stones throw away from Middlewallop Army base. 

We were lucky enough to visit the museum on the bases Family Air Day.  
This consisted of helicopter flights landing and departing throughout the day, taking army personnel and their families for a tour of the local area. The flights lasted around 20 minutes each but it was amazing to see the whirlybirds flying so gracefully.

TJ inside the nose of the helicopter 

As we were at the museum before it opened we headed on round to the cafe where we had breakfast, I should say I had breakfast as TJ ate cereal in the car as I was driving. While I ate, I sat watching TJ running around the play area like a lunatic diving from one wooden structure to another. I have to say I found this highly amusing as he was pretending the aircraft's that were coming in to land were communicating with him via the wooden watch tower.

 Once breakfast was eaten and all the helicopters had been  grounded by LT. TJ (or at least as quickly as I coulld get him in to the museum before the next one took off) We raced to the museum entrance.
Once in the staff were helpful beyond my expectations explaining the different quizzes that there were to do. ( there were 4 different quizzes) in the end we choose to go on a teddy bear hunt and to find the stars around the museum.

On our journey through the different areas we came across a area where you can education area. Within the area was a machine that shows how wind affects the flight and how it helps lift the aircraft off the ground.

TJ learning how hard it is to keep a helicopter upright and straight
 Next on the tasks list was visiting all the different aviation machines from the aeroplanes to the small one seated helicopters. 

Fascinated by the man inside the aircraft
TJ found the dressing up area 

Flight simulator last 5 minutes and costs £1.
The hanger in the photographs below had helicopters coming down from the ceilings as well as being on the ground. Displaying in this hanger must've been at least 10 different aviation vehicles.

 Not only on our ticket we paid for entry for that day but we also became members for a year with gift aid so in the next year when we want to return entry will be free each time.

 I have attached a link to the events page of the website so you can see what special days are on whilst you visit.

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