Sunday, 24 January 2016

Melt downs ....

Yes my child has issues but normally, he won't destroy anything in his own room. Well for the first time tonight he took it to far over the door boundary of his room and chucked his ps3 controller on the floor. The controllers not just any controller it's a special plug in and charge one with lights that flash on it and vibrates too.
Tonight's tantrum ended up with him throwing it on the floor just short of the carpet which meant it hit his wooden floor boards and yep you guessed it, the controller shattered into lots of smaller pieces.
Maybe I shouldn't laugh, but for once he realises how upsetting it is to have something of his own broken, which then reduced him to tears for about 20 minutes.
Once the initial shock wore off I calmly sat on his bed and explained to him that I wouldn't be paying for a new one and that he would have to save up his pocket money.

When it comes to pocket money Tj has chores if these are not done then he does not get the pennies for the tasks.
I'm not asking to much from him just what he should be doing at his age anyway. These include sleeping in his own bed, going to bed on time, washing his hair, brushing his teeth. Amongst a few others.
The first few that I named are ones I struggle with him a lot. We have good days and bad days, as does anyone.

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