Thursday, 14 January 2016

New bed .... old bedside cabinets

A few months back I brought myself a new mattress from ikea and a duvan Base.
It was the best decesion I could've made the mattress I had was causing me to have bad back, my shoulders hurt , my neck  felt like I'd slept on a brick all night and when it came time to get up and go. Well I had none.
After a year of trying my hardest to put up with it I decided enough was enough. I began by looking Benson beds, the beds just weren't quite right, so I took a long drive to ikea. Whilst at ikea I looked in the bargain basement and found a king size mattress. The mattress is a made of memory foam.  Being from the bargain basement I loaded it on the trolley and went upto the beds part of the show room. Tried the mattresses out and fell in love with the one I'd found.  With a few marks on the cover I looked at the price and was pleased when I found it to be over 65% off the original price. Maybe I should've checked the price in the first place but I was soo excited to have found it in the bargain basement.
I decided to buy a duvan Base with two drawers. The Base itself is well built and extremely strong. The drawers on the other hand not such a good design. When the drawers have items inside it pushes the Base down and causes the drawers to rub on the Base making it harder to pull out.  On my next visit to ikea I shall be enquiring about Base strengtheners.

During the time that I spent in the shop I was lucky to not have to take TJ around with me, he enjoyed his hour of freedom in the child's creche area. The ball pit is one TJ'S favourite parts of the creche along with the toilets especially in the creche area so he can use it when he needs to instead of asking to go.

I now sleep in pure comfort . I never wake with bad back, neck pains and 99% of the time I wake ready and raring to go.

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