Friday, 22 January 2016

Cheeky nandos

Imagine sitting in a restaurant talking between your companion and yourself, up beat Portuguese music playing in the background. Mood lighting shining down on the table, enough to allow you to read the menu without straining your eyes but not too bright that it hurts.
The server greeting you explaining nandos etiquette. ( myself I don't need help there).

Once you've chosen and ordered your meal at the till don't forget your table number! Sit back and relax......

My meal went like this, hopefully yours will turn out similar to my meal out.

Beneath the perfectly cooked crispy exterior of my 1/2 cooked chicken was a tender white meat in mango and lime sauce.
The crispy coating finished the chicken off perfectly.
The corn on the cob although a little cold tasted amazing there was no way I was sending it back.
Crispy garlic bread freshly toasted.
The freshly cooked piri piri cooked chips were lightly covered with special piri piri salt. Although the chips were freshly cooked the oil was still seeping on to the plate from where they weren't drained properly.
This was sorted by placing a paper tissue under the chips for a few seconds and blotting up the oil.

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