Monday, 11 May 2015

National Trust - White Mill

Where else can you get such an amazing view. I find I'm never let down for beauty and peace with the National Trust.

White mill was original built in the 18th century. Rebuilt in 1776  where it worked as water powered mill until 1866 when a bad flood destroyed the mill making it unusable beyond repair.

It wasnt till 1994 when the National Trust started to conserve the property.

When visiting a National Trust property, usually take the dogs. Today was no different.
TJ all excited to look into the building running ahead before the rain started to fall three dogs trying to keep up whilst I was getting dragged behind.

The rear of property
On a Quiet road in the middle of no where stands a small mill. The mill is no longer in use but is lovely to look around.

Entrance passage 

Along the entrance passage the mill has many low hanging beams but for short people like myself I walked around with no problems.

The stairs are steep going up to all three floors. On each level the view from the windows are fantastic. 
View from loading door 1st floor

When walking around the building you can imagine where the grain used to be held. The amount of work that the old millers used to work. with the original elm and apple wood machinery still in the building. 

Elm and apple wood machinery

The river stour
Old well at the rear of property 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, It helped a lot with having such lovely surroundings.

  2. looks like an interesting place to visit


    Dominika from

    1. Its very small compared to other NT sites near us, but it was peaceful and handy. We actually stumbled upon it by accident.

  3. Such lovely photos - we love exploring NT properties too.

    1. Thank you. We enjoy visiting and exploring NT properties also. Always a good place to let the dogs and TJ run off some energy.