Monday, 2 May 2016

Wareham kids canoe club

As the weather slowly gets better, I'm determined to get out more and once ore visit local groups and support the local community.
Today's trip has taken us to Wareham in Dorset, which is a 15 minute drive from Poole.
With the beautiful scenery and birds chirping in the background this morning is becoming one of my must do on a Sunday morning. The sun is beating down on me with a little bit of a breeze and I can honestly say I love living in Dorset for these small but essential country life loves.

I'm currently sat watching TJ in a canoe by himself playing water football with 12  other children. It's highly amusing and not a single child has fallen in the water.
I have watched the children switch boats on the whilst being linked together in the water. One even jumped up and down several times to prove how strong the link was between the boats - a lot of trust going there between the canoe community. 
Tj switched from a single manned canoe to this wooden canoe for up to 4 people. I was amazed at how easily they made it look.

The two people that run the club are lovely and no matter how silly the question they are always willing to answer with a smile.
The club which TJ is attending runs between 9:30 and 10:30 and cost £4.50 per child. Within minutes the club owners have remembered every child's name, given the newbies help and are constantly at hand.

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  1. This sounds amazing!! Sounds like its a perfect activity for TJ. :-)