Sunday, 29 May 2016

Ant world - my very own little ant - arium

Over the last week I've been looking after ants, from set up to watching these little black dots running around in their own little area is oddly relaxing.  Unlike fish tanks or small and furry's these make no noise and best of all allergy free. 

The ant world ranges from £14.99 to £20, depending where its brought. I got mine through . On this website there is more information about the type of ants and links to an ant community ( for the ant lovers in the world).
The ants don't come with the ant world but do cost £3 to get them delivered to you. ( plus they come with a magnifying container).

It's arrived!!
Whats in the box is very basic but it actually makes the perfect size cage/ ant-arium/ holding pen? for these majestic little hymenoptera (ants). Putting the little world together was very easy also. Although having TJ sat next to me asking to put it together was quite funny. I was nice and let him put the sticker on the background. 
That was fair, right?

Everything needed to create my own little world.

Once completed the ants new home should look similar to this, minus the midget in the background.
It was so easy to set up and the instructions are easy to read which made this so much fun ....... for me.

As you can see by the look on TJ's face he didn't agree.
Once I double checked that everything was put together correctly, I opened up the white padded envelope which contained my new pets. I think I'll call them 'antilla ' 1 - 35.

The transportation pod for the ants.
 When looking closely at the tub I realised that there wasn't just live ants in the little glass tub there was also some eggs or larvae ( which ever you'd like to call them).

Currently I have seen them moving to larvae around the set up but not taken them into the actual tank area yet. I've had it set up for 1 week so far and the ants I guess feel most comfortable in the tube between the two area's as this is where they spend their time mostly.

The larvae's inside the tube surrounded by the protection of their soon to be fellow ants. 
I have fed them on smal bits of fruit with high water content although i do think I have fed them a little to much after I've put it in to the area's. I have yet to master how to put food in the tub instead of the area they are digging in as I'm still worried about them escaping all over my desk top. 

I have moved them away from the window now as the set up was getting steamy and I didn't think it was fair on the little fellows.

10 days on and my little rebellious pets have not moved out of the tube yet although I have noticed a few ants are in the tank area moving the dirt around and making a few tunnels on the surface. Hopefully this is the start of the new tunnel system where the ants will soon move to.

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