Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Relaxing in the sun near the river spending family time

Last Sunday anyone that lives in Dorset would agree the weather was fantastic, the sun was shining the tide was steady. For me the company couldn't of been any better.

The day started with the children's water activities on the Quay. This is between 9:30 am and 10:30 am. Whilst the children are on the water the adults can either sit and watch or pop across to the opposite side of the bridge and grab a hot drink or milkshake from the cafe/ ice cream parlor in the corner. The prices are reasonable and the staff are so friendly, its like we've known them for years.

TJ and one of the instructors Ellie 

For those children who just like to mooch around or aren't quite comfortable in the water yet, then the instructors on the water are at hand to help. During the whole session there are always two instructors that are happy to have another rower on board.

Next was lunch at The Quay Inn, which is where the car park is on the water front.
There are benches out the front and out the back. 
Dogs are allowed indoors also as there is two separate areas to eat.
The side we sat on had a rather large party which blocked the majority of the tables behind it, which were the only ones that were free. 
As we squeezed our way past the party, dogs in toe.

Bonnie had to make her own space behind the seats while we choose our meals. 

The meals were served and honestly, for what we had the prices were pretty good. We ordered the hot rock steak ( where you cook it yourself to you on preference ) and TJ had pizza. 
TJ can be very fussy when it comes to his food but the food was eaten and not a single complaint left his lips.

 For pudding for myself I ordered a spiced syrup sponge with custard and a side order of creme brulee ice cream.

 TJ obviously wanted to have his own ice cream so he waited till I finished eating and asked to go to the ice cream parlor next door.

 TJ choose the ice cream Sunday which comes to just under £5 and for the size its a good price for what he had. Three scoops of ice cream in various flavors (of your choice), toppings (of your choice) the fan wafers and the chocolate whirls.
It took quite a while for him to eat this ice cream and we had to ask for a take away tub as time was getting on. If ordering this I would recommend to share it with someone.

If you can't tell we enjoy spending time in the Purbecks, not only for the sights but also for the food.

I would love to try a few more restaurants around there so any recommendations please let me know.

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