Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Vikal - I was chosen!

I had a parcel delivered to my door a few weeks ago. A massive surprise for me as I'd not heard anything back from Savvy circle about my application for Vikal.


Following the instructions I Checked to see what our water was - no surprise really for our area. As we live in a hard water area.

Hard water 
 I started looking around the taps in the kitchen and never realised how bad the limescale deposit was around the taps.  I normally use bleach when cleaning the sink Obviously this has not been the best of choices.
Before spraying 
 Reading and following the instructions I cleared the area and left for 5 minutes for chemicals to activate.
After 5 minutes I rinsed well and wiped with a cloth. The end result was awesome. My taps are now after one use shiny and a lot less limescale on them. 

Results after one try 
After my second try the results were even better. Instead of using bleach from now on I will be using vikal on my taps.
I am impressed with the chemicals and how they bubbled when working although I have since been warned by another person that leaving it on the taps for to long could cause corrosion, so beware and rinse well if you use Vikal or any other chemical based products and always read the instructions.


  1. Ive never heard of this cleaning company before. Sounds like it does the job. :-) After being up north for 6 years now I can taste the limescale in the southern water. :-/

    1. It really has done the job!
      All the taps in the house are sparkling clean now :)