Saturday, 20 June 2015

Chessington - not what I expected

Last weekend I took Tj to the chessington ' s world of adventure.
Honestly it was dreadful. Maybe it's because I compare any theme park to disney ( #1 fan) or maybe my standards are higher then other peoples I'm not entirely sure.
The best part about the day was the cheesy dibbles show. It starred the Madagascar penguins.
The crowd entertainers were fantastic and kept the kids entertained before the show really did their jobs.
Whilst looking around the animal enclosure they had the cutest little baby monkeys.
The bad side was that the park was infested with rodents. Especially around the animal pens.
The amount of litter around the park was ridiculous so I'm not surprised that I saw so many.
When riding the monorail every rider has a birds eye view of the park. Which on rooftops shows every piece of litter, every untidy rooftop and every animal pen on the route as it takes you around the park.
When looking around the sealife part of the park there was a small meet and greet with cleaner shrimp, where you can put your fingers in the tank and the little fellas will attempt to clean you. BE WARNED THEY TICKLE!
The next part we went through was the penguins enclosure which has recently been updated so that the penguins can intermingle with humans. 

Although it is mating season atm so not a lot of penguins are wanting to join the humans in the human enclosure.

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