Friday, 22 April 2016

April's Loot crate

Aprils Loot crate came through the post today, the box was a little smaller then previous boxes that I've received.
 When I opened the box as always it was stuffed to the brim with items. This month I hadn't looked up anything to do with the crate as I thought I'd have a surprise.

I unpacked the box to find 6 various movie/TV series related items inside.

  • T-shirt - Labyrinth
  • Socks - Harry Potter  
  • A poster - unchartered 4 
  • An ice dice
  • A drinks holder that is shaped like a tusk - Vikings

The blue ice cube maker is fairly large and fits comfortably in the hand. The instructions are on the box and I cannot wait to test it for a party of some sort may just have to use it as an excuse to throw one.
The socks unfortunately did not fit my 8 year old son properly due to him only being a size 1, the socks are for size 6 - 12's so I've managed to nab them back.
The horn has a cross body holder so the horn falls across the side. There is plenty of room on for it to be crossing over the body. and it holds the horn up right with liquid in it. 

The t-shirt material is soft with a Labyrinth print ironed on. The sizing is very generous which is fantastic as I'm larger on my top half. The top also washes and dries well in the dryer.

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