Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Secondary school and the beginnings of bullies

How cruel are children now a days?
Recently I've learnt how going from first to secondry school all about how nasty and bad mannered the children are in higher years.
Maybe it's just me but I believed in santa till I was at least 12 :/ yes I believed for many years. Perhaps it was just cos I always hoped for a puppy to be left in my stocking, perhaps for other reasons. But I never once remember an older child telling me he wasn't real and I never once told another child that I didn't believe,or that they shouldn't either.

A few children in the year above TJ have made it their mission to upset as many 1st years at their school by telling them at lunch time that santa doesn't exist.
For one of the families I think they need a lot of Christmas spirit with everything that's happening since they've had their daughters been born. Life has been very tough.
For me it's been hard watching from the sidelines and not being able to help. But hearing what I've heard about the older children and how cruel they are its just infuriating that they are allowed to get away with it and the school can't do anything.
Am I being over protective??

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