Friday, 4 December 2015

Does your hot drink often go cold??

In my house there's a lot of cold tea drank due to other things, mainly an 8 yr old demanding time or the door bell or cooking... well you get the idea.

As I'm sure a lot of other people find it hard to drink a nice hot cup of tea as well.
Whilst shopping in Wimborne, Dorset what a lovely little town I'd like to add. I stopped in at a rather small but crammed shop with everything you could possibly want for the kitchen from Orange peelers to cookie cutters to cake tins and cups.

I came across these small daisy rubber mats that grip to the cup as you lift it up.
Now this could be my mind but I thought these could be amazing for putting on my tea cups to keep the heat in!

I have a winner !!

After testing these daisys I can confirm my tea stays hotter for almost another 10 minutes giving me more of a chance to drink a hot drink.

Although not cheap but they are worth the amount of money due to wasting cups of tea and milk. I personally think they are worth it.

They came in a few various colors but unfortunately all in the shape of a daisy.

The daisys are dishwasher and microwave safe. As well as being a fat splatter guard when cooking.

So not just one use there are several.

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