Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Hotter shoes 10th Anniversary ....I whimped out !!

Standing at the bottom of the platform wearing my mint Stellar Hotter Shoes, my head started spinning and stomach started churning and this was just looking up at the 60 ft tower, so who could blame me right?

I was nervous about the zip wire but excited at the same time. Now I love roller coasters and assumed this would be very similar. So decided to try and go with the flow and realized that due to weight I couldn't ride, which was really disappointing but also a huge relief.

To all the lovely ladies that celebrated the #HotterBournemouth10thAninniversary and took the zip wire down the 820ft line to the beach my hat goes off to you.

I wore my Hotter shoes to the event which I found to be so comfortable and light. The mesh material used on the outside of the shoe allowed my feet to breathe and at the panic point during the afternoon I was glad it did!

Whilst walking on the beach and along the decking of the pier I noticed how fantastic the leather soles felt on my feet. The lightweight durable soles were able to take the strain of hard to soft textures allowing ample support for my feet and ankles.  
When waiting for each person to soar through the skies on the zip wire I also noticed how my feet did not hurt and having flat feet this felt amazing to have the support that my feet require. 

I cannot push anyone in to buying but I recommend at least going to try a pair or three on, so you can feel for yourself how wonderful they feel on your feet. 
If your an active person like me - by this I mean always on your feet then do take a look at Hotters active wear collection online. 


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  1. Thanks for coming along and taking some epic pictures. I will get you on the Pierzip next time ;)