Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Acropats bath times made fun again..

I recently received these foams shapes and set to having a bath shortly after opening my parcel.
The set comes with 16 acropats in 4 different colors red, green, blue and yellow. 
Each acropat can be linked together to make different shapes.
 The little men can be built on land or water building blocks, cars and even a space ship. Let your imagination run wild when you build with them.

These special little foam figures float on the water and measure 70mm x 14mm x 84mm each.
We've built walls that float, aiming towers in the water and taken a small ball to aim in the middle (a point a goal 2 if it goes straight in).
These versatile little figures have been out in the garden, in the paddling pool, the bath and dry land.
Easy to clean and quick drying.
 A must have to entertain children and adults alike the imagination building bricks for land and water.

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