Tuesday, 18 August 2015

It's been a while .... I'm sorry!

Over the past few months I've been stuck in a rut. Missing certain elements from my past and that's all it is memories playing in the back of my mind constantly.
I am truly grateful for these memories as without them I would not be the person I am today.
Who better to bring me out of this rut but one of my oldest and dearest friends. Distance is now an issue as she lives 5 hours away with her husband and 2 absolutely fantastic little girls.
Today we met up for the first time in about a year took Tj and the girls to the local park. We talked the kids ran around playing and the dog well, she ended up in the algae filled lake :/ .
Whilst the kids fed the ducks and met a puppy labrador in training to be a guide dog, my friend and I slowly wandered behind chatting about the kids and how much things have changed since she was here almost 10 years ago.
Between running around waving at the passengers in the park train a strange thought suddenly came to me, Tj is no longer a child but a young man.
I was so glad to see my friend after so long and I wish it could be more often.
I had an amazing time and such a good catch up.
Tj and her eldest J. Are so cute together holding hands and walking the dog. They both looked beyond a doubt like a couple on a date.

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  1. It was a lovely catch up. Definitely needs to happen more often! Yes, they do look super cute together!