Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The future.... is it bright?

Over the last few weeks I've been out shopping to get presents for my little boy , who's growing up so fast it's strange!

After he got diagnosed with attachment disorder I've found it hard to accept that this could be the result of his behaviour at times. So looked up online how I can help him, help me.
Some of the stories online of what children as young as Ty have done to their parents, siblings and even other peoples property just shocked me!
Why are these poor families still struggling to get help for their children and why is it local authorities do not listen when they are told things. Surely we know our children better then a stranger ??

Ty is smart , sometimes too smart for his own good but nether the less is ridiculously clever, funny and is absolutely gonna be a lady magnet when he's older.

I'm proud to call him MY son no matter how he turns out he is mine and mine alone.

Being a full time mom and working as well it makes me appreciate him more and miss his hugs when I'm not there to tuck him in at night.
I work hard so he has the life that I had at his age and what I wish for him to have throughout his life.

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